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Save energy without sacrificing your comfort!


HomeMatic IP is the middle range of our House Automation products. It is focused on heat-zoning your house, but has some automation capabilities such as home security and light control. The entire range was designed to avoid wall alteration through conduits for new wiring and connection boxes for wall thermostats, switch buttons, PIRs, actuators, others; instead, the devices are either battery powered or flush mounted in the existing connection boxes, wireless and self-adhesive for easy and convenient placement in the room.

For the Zone Heating application (Heating symbol) the wireless actuator head fits a multitude of existing radiator valves either directly to the M30x1.5 thread, or through the provided adapters. Communication between the actuator, the wall thermostat and the Central Control Unit (called Access Point) is done at five minute intervals, which allows a battery life of two years for the actuator and the thermostat. Special attention was given to the ever-increasing popularity of Underfloor Heating by the addition of a UFH Wiring Box that can command one re-circulation pump (24V) and up to four zones (24V actuators). This on-demand control of heating throughout the house at room level leads to up-to 30% energy savings.

The Security application (Security symbol) uses wireless PIRs and magnetic contacts to detect and log all movements. A quick look at the app will reassure you that everything is fine, all windows and doors are locked and no movement exists in the house even when you are miles away from your house.

An increase in comfort is offered by the Light Control application (Light Control symbol) which enables switching and dimming of lights from your mobile device whether you are or got already in bed and forgot to switch lights off.

But the main benefit of the system comes when using it with the HomeMatic Portal; this allows you to control your house from your mobile device over the Internet – no more wondering if you left the heating on while at work, coming back from holidays to a frozen house, or wondering what happens in the house in your absence!!! And if you ever move to a new house, taking the HomeMatic IP system with you is just as easy - removing the system will leave no permanent marks…

Finally, because they are from the same range, the HomeMatic components can be used with the HomeMaticIP Access Point to give you smooth inter-operability if needed.

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  1. IP Access Point - right

    HomeMaticIP Central Control Unit


    With Homematic IP, you can install your smart home solution in just a few little steps. The Homematic IP Access Point is the Central Control Unit of the Homematic IP system and communicates via the HmIP radio protocol. All devices of the system can be configured comfortably and individually with a smartphone via the Homematic IP app. The available functions provided by the Homematic IP system in combination with other components are described in the Homematic IP User Guide.

    The Access Point connects the smartphone via the Homematic IP cloud with all Homematic IP devices and transmits the configuration data and control commands of the app to all Homematic IP devices. With Homematic IP, you can simply adjust your smart home solution to your personal needs at any time and place. Learn More
  2. HomeMatic Wireless Actuator

    HomeMatic Radiator Thermostat


    This wireless radiator thermostat from HomeMatic system makes it possible to regulate the room temperature and adjust time-controlled heating phases as per your individual needs. Learn More
  3. HomeMatic Wall Thermostat

    HomeMatic Wall Thermostat


    A perfect team. Just replace the conventional radiator valve by wireless actuator and adjust the HomeMatic Wall Thermostat to the desired temperature. Learn More
  4. HomeMatic Window Sensor

    HomeMatic Window Sensor


    Prevents heating of the rooms when airing them. Also can be integrated into the House Alarm when used with HomeMatic CCU1. Learn More
  5. HMIP UFH Multi IO Box front

    HomeMaticIP Boiler Relay


    The Homematic IP Multi IO Box is the central control unit for controlling heating pumps, boilers and circulation pumps. The device allows comfortable and demand based regulation of the room and water temperature according to your personal needs via smartphone app.
    With the Multi IO Box, the heating system can be switched from heating to cooling and thus offers lowering of the room temperature using the floor heating. Thanks to the input for a humidity and temperature limiter, mold formation caused by condensation water on the cables or overheating of the heating system can be reliably avoided.
    You can flexibly mount the device using the supplied screws or the Homematic IP DIN-Rail Adapter HmIP-DRA (available as an option). Learn More
  6. HomematicIPMultiIOBoxDINrail1

    HomematicIP Boiler Relay DIN-Rail Adapter


    The HomematicIP DIN-Rail Adapter can be used for DIN rail installation of your HomematicIP Multi IO Box. The Multi IO Box is easily mounted to the adapter by means of the mounting suspensions and the supplied screws. The DIN-rail adapter together with Multi IO Box can then be snapped on an existing DIN-rail. Learn More
  7. IP Wiring Centre - Front

    HomeMaticIP UFH Wiring Centre - 6 channels


    The Homematic IP Floor Heating Actuator offers comfortable and demand-based room-by-room control of your floor heating system via smartphone app or the Homematic IP Wall Thermostat, according to your personal needs. The floor heating actuator can be used for controlling a floor heating system with up to 6 heating zones/9 heating circuits as well as a heating pump or circulation pump.

    Furthermore, the device offers operation in heating or cooling mode (provided that your heating system offersthese operating modes). You can flexibly mount the device using the supplied screws or a DIN rail. With the secure radio communication between the Homematic IP devices, the wiring effort is kept to a minimum. Learn More
  8. Actuator - Main

    Möhlenhoff UFH Valve Actuator 24V


    The thermo-electric actuator is used for opening and closing small valves and distributor valves on surface heating circuits and cooling systems. The main application area of application is the energy-efficient individual room control in the field of domestic appliances and building automation. The control of the actuator drive is 24 V.

    With pluggable cable powered by a 24 V current controls the rooms' temperatures with two-point output or pulse-modulation. This 5th generation valve actuator is specifically designed for customer-specific use; the modular construction offers various differentiation options for customer-specific designs. Learn More
  9. HMIPEcoSwitch01

    HomeMaticIP Eco Switch


    Save energy in every room at the touch of a button: whenever you leave home, all rooms can be brought down to a pre-set Reduced temperature. Learn More
  10. MAXRadiatorThermostatLock

    Radiator Lock

    Regular Price: £9.95

    Special Price £8.95

    Use this simple anti-tamperig device to protect the Actuator / Radiator Thermostat Learn More

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