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Save energy without sacrificing your comfort!

About Eco House Comfort

We are a young company born from a necessity – in today’s world, energy accounts for a significant slice of the UK household income, which is why the numbers rationing their energy use have risen so steeply in recent years. According to the independent price comparison website USwitch (, the cost of household energy rose five times faster than income since 2004 (average household income increased by 20% while average household energy bill has rocketed by 140% during this period). So being ECO is no longer a trend, but a NECESSITY – the first aim of our company is to make better use of the energy we are consuming!

And since domestic energy consumption makes the most of total consumption, our solutions are targeted to household owners and tenants who are most likely to be impacted by these price increases. Through modern WiFi / wireless technology our second aim is to preserve you HOUSE COMFORTwhile saving you energy and lowering your costs. We have tested our products in local trials and we know that they work. Our task is now to prove you their benefits – please feel free to browse our site to better understand our offers, download the user manuals to get a feel of our products or contact us if you need more information.

Company Registration Number: 8094435