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General Questions

Q: I don't have a PayPal account; can I pay by Debit or Credit Card?
A: Yes, please select PayPal in Checkout Step 4 - Payment Information, then carry on to Step 5 - Order Review. Once you place the order, you will be re-directed to PayPal website, where you will be able to pay using your card. See our Card Payment Guide for full details.

MAX! System

Q: I would like to buy one of the programmable radiator thermostats so that I can try it before buying more kit. Am I able to programme start stop times and temperatures directly into the stat, without other pieces of kit?
A: On its own, the TRV cannot be programmed to start / stop - this is done using the MAX! Cube LAN Gateway and the free software which is to be installed on a personal computer.
As for the TRV, without a connection to the Cube, you can only set the temperature, by either turning the wheel or by pressing the Sun / Moon buttons for the pre-set Comfort (21*C) or Reduced (17*C) modes. Instant heating (Boost button) is also available - this opens the valve 100% for 300 seconds, before returning to the initial temperature.

Q: How can I change the language in the smartphone app to English?
A: For the Android systems, simply set the phone language to English; this will force the English language in all apps, including the MAX! ELV. For iPhones, there is no English version yet, although the manufacturer is working on it. Please note that the language setting refers to the core app itself, as the data that you are creating can be done in any language (like Bedroom 1 or Kitchen).

Q: Can I remotely control the boiler from the mobile app?
A: THere are two options to control the boiler - an indirect one and a direct one.
Indirectly, the MAX! system relies on the boiler automation: if all MAX! Radiator Thermostats are in closed position, the hot water goes through the by-pass balancing valve right back into the boiler; the water returns with roughly same temperature as it left, gets additional heating from the burner and leaves the boiler on a higher temperature which – when reaching about 78*C – triggers the boiler protection of shooting down the burner.
The direct option involves the use of the MAX! Switched Power Outlet - the MAX! Wall Thermostat pilots this switch wirelessly and anything plugged in it (be it the boiler's burner or the recirculation pump); see the MAX! section of this website for a graphical view.

Q: Can I play with the portal application / smartphone app before buying? I want to better understand how the components interact...
A: Yes, you can use our demo account. For portal access (from any computer in the world, no software installation needed) go to the following address: and use the following credentials:
User: EcoHouseComfort
Pass: test1
For smartphone access, you will have to install the free app on your smartphone, then use the same credentials as above.
You will be able to see the target temperature / all devices and their status (battery, radio communication, windows open or closed, etc.), change the weekly/daily heating program, etc.

Q: What are the correct links for installation / remote control of the MAX! System?
A: For initial installation of software on your local machine, use and download, then install the software version as per your operating system.
For remote control, use the same link as above to log into your account (you will need your user id and password). Note that you cannot add new devices remotely - you can only do this on a PC that is connected to the same router as the MAX! Cube, by using the MAX! Software installed on that PC.

Q: How do I set the correct time of my MAX! System?
A: Starting with firmware 1.3.10, users have the option to select the timezone as per their location. To upgrade to the latest version, first update you PC software to this version by going to and clicking on your operating system. Once you you have downloaded the archive and installed the software update on your local machine, the firmware will automatically transfer to the MAX! Cube LAN Gateway during the first cube logon. After the upgrade and the logon, the first program window will let you chose the desired timezone.

Q: What does error F4 mean? How do I get rid of it? How do I reset my device to the factory settings?
A: F4 means the device was already taught in. To teach-out / reset the device follow the following steps:
1. Delete the device from the MAX! software (on your laptop / desktop used for configuration);
2. Remove batteries and wait for 60 seconds;
3. For MAX! Radiator Thermostat: Press and hold all three buttons AND insert the batteries at the same time; for MAX! Wall Thermostat: Press and hold the bottom buttons (moon / OK / - ) AND insert the batteries at the same time; for MAX! Eco Switch: Press and hold the bottom button AND insert the batteries at the same time;.
4. The display shows rES as confirmation that a reset was performed on the device. For the devices without display (MAX! Eco Switch, MAX! Window Contact), the LED starts to flash. You can now start fresh.

Q: I can connect to the MAX! Cube from my computer, but cannot find any devices to teach-in. What can it be?
A: To be able to discover new devices, you must be connected to the same router as the MAX! Cube (operation not available over the internet, through the portal) and use the MAX! Software you initially installed on your computer. If you cannot discover the MAX! devices, your MAX! Software may be corrupted. To correct this, follow the following steps:
1. Uninstall the MAX! Software;
2. Delete the MAX! folder from the user's personal directory;
3. Reset MAX! Cube to the factory settings;
4. Reset all components to the initial state (see each component's manual for detailed steps);
5. Download and reinstall the MAX! Software.

FHT System

Q: How do I pair the FHT 80b Wall Thermostat with the FHT 8V Actuator?
If the Wall Thermostat and the Actuator were purchased separately, each of them will have a different four digits code. There are two ways of pairing them:
A1: Save the Actuator code into the Wall Thermostat:
- Find the actuator unique ID: (re)insert the batteries into the actuator – the display will show two codes C1 followed by a two digit display, then C2 followed by other two digit display. Make a note of these codes.
- Pair the actuator with the thermostat: Press PROG button, then using the scroll wheel go to “CodE” tab; press PROG again and enter code C1, then PROG again and enter code C2. The display shows “SYnC 001” – press PROG again to go back to the normal screen.
A2: Save the Wall Thermostat code into the Actuator (recommended if your Wall Thermostat is used to control more than one radiator):
- Insert the batteries in both Wall Thermostat and Actuator and fit the actuator to the valve. The actuator’s display witl show pulsing antennae (i.e. radio link not made). Remove the batteries cover and press the central button until you hear three short beeps; release the button. Go the Wall Thermostat, press PROG button and use the scroll wheel to go to AN A (setting number of actuators controlled). Press PROG again and select the number of valves using the scroll wheel; press PROG again to get to the SYnC screen and again PROG to exit to the normal state. The Actuator will confirm pairing by sounding a one long and two short beeps.

Q: How do I access different rooms from the Central Control Unit?
A1: To make the actuator discoverable by CCU: on the Wall Thermostat, press PROG button then using the scroll wheel go to “CEnt” tab; press PROG again and scroll to “nA”, then press PROG again to go back to the normal screen – this puts the Wall Thermostat in “discoverable” position.
A2: To register the actuator with the FHZ1000: on the CCU press MAKRO button, then -> and scroll to “Sonderfkt” tab; press -> again and scroll to H-Regler, then -> and scroll to “Hinzufugen”. Confirm the C1/C2 (listed as a concatenated four character string) by pressing OK.