Eco House Comfort - Save energy without sacrificing your comfort!

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Save energy without sacrificing your comfort!


Welcome to the world of Eco House Comfort! We strongly believe that for any ecological solution to be successful, it must not compromise the current comfort people are enjoying in their homes; and the solution is simple - modern technology can help us define behaviour patters and apply customised solutions targeted at using the resources only where and when we need them - things like Zone Heating where we only heat the rooms that we use, or Water Treatment where we soften the water to ultimately use less detergents and cleaning products.

More and more homes are currently built with this principle in mind, but unfortunately only a small percentage of the total number of homes in Britain benefit from these technologies. Our aim is to provide help to the dwellers of the already existing homes by offering:
- Easy to install solutions, regardless of your DIY skills;
- Wireless technology, battery powered & self adhesive devices to avoid wall alteration and convenient placement;
- Scalable solutions so that you can start small, and build-on your network over time;
- Remote control of your systems via your mobile device (for the Internet based systems);
- Portability of the system of your choice, so that when you move homes your system moves with you.

Finally, consider your comfort too: in today's world, we don't expect buying a car without a remote control; and yet, when buying a house - a 15 to 20 times more expensive purchase - we don't expect a remote... We should demand more: we should ask for a HOUSE that is ECO and gives us all modern COMFORT - we should ask for ECO HOUSE COMFORT!

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