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Smart House - Heating

If you ever wondered whether it is more efficient to leave the heating on all the time but a lower setting, or just turning it on when you need it, the cost comparison site USwitch gives a clear answer: if you leave your heating on 24/7, you will typically end up using more fuel in a like-for-like situation.

We offer the next step-up in programming your heating system: Zone Heating is a well-known method of reducing your boiler load by sub-dividing the house into “zones” and selectively heat only the areas you need. By using programmable thermostats, not only you can set the zone temperature to the desired level (which is what a thermostatic valve does), but also use a programmer to alternate the heating zones – bedrooms during nights and living spaces during days – thus further reducing the heating demand. The new Building Regulations Part I.1 demand that for houses with a total heated living space of over 150m2, there should be at least two heating zones.

To provide a better control of your house heating, we have created systems of devices that network wirelessly together to provide an intelligent solution. The user defines a Comfort Temperature (SUN) and an Economy Temperature (MOON), then defines the daily intervals when these temperatures are to be used – for example, bedroom comfort temperature from 22.00 until 6.00, then reduced temperature until 22.00; for a living room, user may want comfort temperature from 5.45 until 8.00 then reduced temperature until 19.00, followed by comfort temperature until 21.30, then reduced until 5.45 next day. Note that users can do separate programs for each day, or different workday / weekend days programs, or same program across the week; they can also easily override the automated program if an unscheduled heating is required.

Our systems consist of the following devices:
- A CENTRAL CONTROL UNIT: this CCU is the hub that networks all the system components together; it is used for storing the heating programs, the network components, etc. The hubs also have an integrated LAN Gateway allowing for Internet control from laptops or smartphones via a remote portal;
- WIRELESS THERMOSTATS: these are thermostats that read/display the actual temperature, compare it to the programmed (pre-set) one and send a signal to the actuator to open / close the radiator valve according to the heating program. Because they are battery powered, you can either fix them to the wall, or simply keep them within your reach so that you always keep your room temperature under control; all ranges allow for multiple actuators’ control from a single Wall Thermostat (for rooms with more than one radiator);
- RADIATOR THERMOSTATS / ACTUATORS: these are the TRV head replacements, used to control the % opening of the valve. They communicate wirelessly with the rest of the system and are batteries powered; this allows them to be mounted wherever your radiators are, regardless of the location of the wall sockets. The actuator also has an integrated thermostat which allows it to communicate directly with the CCU;
- WINDOW / DOOR CONTACTS: these are wireless magnetic contacts that send a signal to the CCU when windows are open so that the heating program is paused and the radiator valve is closed in order to prevent heat waste during rooms airing; as soon as the window is closed, the heating program resumes.
- BOILER RELAY: this automation allows for the boiler control: the relay receives the % opening from each actuator and, if all valves’ position is below a user defined threshold, it shuts off the burner / circulation pump / boiler;
- ECO SWITCH: This is a rocker switch with two user defined contacts, normally installed right next to the entry door; by default, the ECO contact sends a “Reduced Temperature” override command to ALL actuators. The user presses this buttons on the way out of the house, thus effectively shutting down all valves, hence saving energy.
- UFH WIRING CENTRE: Due to the increased popularity of under-floor heating (UFH), we are in position to sell the UFH Wiring centre along with 24V actuators that mount directly on the UFH distributer. The centre controls the UFH Re-circulation Pump and up to four UFH Loops (zones).