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HomeMatic is the top-end range of our house automation products. It allows the zoning of your house, in addition to house automation tasks such as opening / closing of windows and doors, dimming of lights / mood lighting, management of your house burglar and fire alarm, weather station, etc. - the possibilities are endless!!!. The entire range was designed to avoid wall alteration through conduits for new wiring and connection boxes for wall thermostats, switch buttons, PIRs, actuators, others; instead, the devices are either battery powered or flush mounted in the existing connection boxes, wireless and self-adhesive for easy and convenient placement in the room. For the Zone Heating application the wireless actuator head fits a multitude of existing radiator valves either directly to the M30x1.5 thread, or through the provided adapters. Communication between the actuator, the wall thermostat and the Central Control Unit is done at five minutes intervals, which allows a battery life of two years for the actuator and the thermostat. But the main benefit of the system comes when using it with the HomeMatic Portal; this allows you to control your house heating from your mobile device over the Internet – no more wondering if you left the heating on while at work, or coming back from holidays to a frozen house!!!
And if you ever move to a new house, taking the HomeMatic system with you is just as easy - removing the system will leave no permanent marks...

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  1. HomeMatic CCU2 Main

    HomeMatic Central Control Unit


    The CCU (V2) is the nerve centre of the HomeMatic system. Through an easy-to-use and intuitive PC interface, it provides various command and control functions for your home automation, ranging from Zone Heating to House Automation sections. It also acts as an interface between the Internet and the rest of the local HomeMatic system components, thus enabling remote house control from your mobile devices. Learn More
  2. HomeMatic Wireless Actuator

    HomeMatic Radiator Thermostat


    This wireless radiator thermostat from HomeMatic system makes it possible to regulate the room temperature and adjust time-controlled heating phases as per your individual needs. Learn More
  3. HomeMatic Wall Thermostat

    HomeMatic Wall Thermostat


    A perfect team. Just replace the conventional radiator valve by wireless actuator and adjust the HomeMatic Wall Thermostat to the desired temperature. Learn More
  4. HomeMatic Window Sensor

    HomeMatic Window Sensor


    Prevents heating of the rooms when airing them. Also can be integrated into the House Alarm when used with HomeMatic CCU1. Learn More
  5. HomeMatic Differential Temperature Sensor

    HomeMatic Differential Temperature Sensor


    Out of stock

    A temperature difference measurement tool made of two sensors BidCoS ® and housed in a weatherproof housing. Used as part of the HomeMatic Virtual Heat Demand Relay. Learn More
  6. HomeMatic Wireless Switch 4 Channels

    HomeMatic Wireless 4 Channel Switch


    This radio receiver from the new HomeMatic series provides 4 switching channels with relay output. A wide operating voltage range of 7 V to 15 V allows a variety of applications in the low voltage range. The BidCoS bidirectional protocol is particularly reliable because it acknowledes of operation of the receiver. Learn More
  7. House Monitor

    HomeMatic System Monitor


    A fast and easy way to see, at a glance, the status of your HomeMatic system. Learn More
  8. HM Shutter Actuator

    HomeMatic Roller Shutters Actuator


    Out of stock

    The new flush-mounted (roller) shutter actuator from HomeMatic can be used in a large range of applications such as internal blinds, external window/door roller shutters, shutter grills, retractable shutters, etc. and can be seamlessly integrated in your house automation system with or without a particular switch program dependency. The actuator can be operated locally - additional adapter and rocker plate required - or from any iOS / Android / Windows enabled mobile device.
    In conjunction with an external roller shutter it provides your property with extra security and a better internal climate control, keeping rooms cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, as well as adding noise reduction benefits when closed.
    And, with your HomeMatic mobile app you can control your shutters from anywhere in the world!!! Learn More
  9. Adapter28to30mm

    Valve Adapter 28mm to 30mm


    Out of stock

    Adapter to be used for non-standard TRV valves. See list of compatibilities on the Actuator's page to determine whether you need one. Learn More
  10. MAXRadiatorThermostatLock

    Radiator Lock

    Regular Price: £9.95

    Special Price £8.95

    Use this simple anti-tamperig device to protect the Actuator / Radiator Thermostat Learn More

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