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FHT is our mid-range system that allows a simple zone heating of your house, plus additional simple automation such as lights control, window rollers, wireless alarm, etc. It uses a Central Control Unit that polls the status of all networked components and allows a quick and remote intervention. The CCU also works in conjunction with the Heat Demand Relay to either stop the boiler, or the re-circulation pump when optimal temperature is reached in each zone.
It was designed to avoid wall alteration through conduits for new wiring and connection boxes for wall thermostats and switch buttons; instead, all devices are battery powered (except the Central Control Unit), wireless and self-adhesive for easy and convenient placement in the room. The wireless thermostatic head fits a multitude of existing radiator valves either directly to the M30x1.5 thread, or through the provided adapters; additional Actuator Valve Adaptors are available. Communication between devices is done at five minutes intervals, which allows a battery life of two years. And if you ever move, taking the MAX! SYSTEM with you is just as easy - removing the system will leave no permanent marks...

- First, unscrew the old TRV head and insert the Actuator (FHT8V) in their place – no intervention in the heating system required, the Actuator uses the existing valve attached to the radiator.
- Then, through a simple operation, pair the room Actuators (FHT8V) with the Wall Thermostat (FHT80b) for each room (i.e. zone) - if a zone has more than one radiator, all corresponding Actuators have to be taught into the Wall Thermostat (up to 8 Actuators per Wall Thermostat).
- One zone can be covered by the Central Control Unit (FHZ1000) which has similar functions to the Wall Thermostats. After registering the Wall Thermostats with the CCU, users can also control the temperature in the other zones from the FHZ1000.
- Finally, the CCU and the Wall Stats are paired with the Heat Demand Relay (FHT8W) which, in turn controls the boiler. The heating programs (2 ON, 2 OFF cycles per day) are set directly on the CCU / Wall Stats.

The setup of the FHT Economy Set (FHT8SET) is similar, but cannot interact with the CCU – control of each zone is done from the Wall Thermostat only. Connection to the Heat Demand Relay is enabled.

The CCU and the Wall Thermostats are constantly monitoring the temperature of the zone they are place in: if the actual temperature is lower than the target temperature, the stat send a signal to the Actuator to open the radiator valve; if actual temperature is higher that the target one, the stat sends a signal to close the valve. The opening / closing is done gradually – the actuators transmit back to the stat the % opening of the valve. System override can easily be made from each Wall Thermostat / CCU by pressing the SUN (comfort temperature) or MOON (reduced temperature) program button, or by manually controlling the zone.

BOILER INTERACTION: The Heat Demand Relay uses the ON/OFF contacts of the old house thermostat to control the boiler. It is in constant contact with the CCU / Wall Thermostats (up to 10 zones) from where it receives the % opening of the valves. Users define a % opening threshold for each zone and the Heat Demand Relay compares the threshold to the actual opening – if all zones have the % opening below their corresponding threshold, there is no heating demand and so the relay shuts-off the boiler. If only one zone demands heating (% opening of the valve in the zone higher that the zone’s threshold), then the relay starts the boiler.

At this moment, there is no web control enabled. Users can combine this system with the MAX! and use a MAX! Cube LAN Gateway and a MAX! Switched Power Outlet to control the remote starting / stopping of the boiler – once started, the FHT system resumes it’s monitoring.

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  1. FHZ1000 House Control Unit

    FHZ1000 Central Control Unit


    Out of stock

    DISCONTINUED...please switch to MAX! Central Control Unit
    The Central Control Unit is the nerve centre of your system. It controls your heating, alarm and house automation. Learn More
  2. EHC-FH15 Dimmer

    FS20 DI22 wireless dimmer


    The FS20 radio switching system operates in the low-noise 868 MHz range with ranges up to 100 m (free-field). So you are independent of switch installations and switch locations and can easily switch your lighting from any place!

    Comfort Wireless Built dimmer with softstart

    The comfortable built-in dimmer suitable for dimming incandescent and high voltage halogen lamps. In addition, the FS20 DI20 (phase cut) can dimmed halogen lamps with a conventional transformer and the FS20 DI22 (phase section) halogen lamps with an electronic transformer. A programmable timer (1 s to 4.25 h) allows you to slow down / down during power on or off, or to automatically switch off after the programmed time. Operation is via any remote transmitter of the FS20 system. The dimmers can also be installed between the lamp and the existing light switch and can then be switched via this. The FS20 DI22 works absolutely silently. Learn More
  3. FHT80b Wall Thermostat

    FHT 80b Wall Thermostat


    Out of stock

    DISCONTINUED...please switch to MAX! Wall Thermostat
    This novel radio-radiator thermostat system offers several advantages over conventional thermostats, especially the decoupling of the actuator on the radiator from the temperature sensor; the integrated room controller containing the temperature sensor can be arbitrarily positioned anywhere in the room. This eliminates measurement errors made ​​by the proximity to the radiator - the temperature measurement in the room can be made at any desired location. Learn More
  4. FHT 8V Wireless Actuator

    FHT 8V Valve Actuator


    Out of stock

    DISCONTINUED...please switch to MAX! Radiator Thermostat
    Replace existing thermostat head without draining or bleeding the water, and transform you room into a Heating Zone. Work in conjunction with the FHT 80b Wall Thermostat. Learn More
  5. FHT80B and FHT 8V Set

    FHT 80b Wall Thermostat & FHT 8V Wireless Actuator


    Out of stock

    This saver pack includes a FHT 80b Wall Thermostat and a FHT 80b Valve Actuator - the combination needed to customize a room's weekly heating schedule according to your personal preferences and habits. Learn More
  6. FHT 80TF Window Contact

    FHT 80TF Window Sensor


    Out of stock

    DISCONTINUED...please switch to MAX! Window Contact
    Use the Window Sensor to control the radiator in the room where it is placed: when opening the windows for airing, the signal sent by this sensor to the room controller (FHT 80b) closes the radiator actuator (FHT 8V), thus preventing heating to be wasted. Learn More
  7. FHT 8W Heat Demand Relay

    FHT 8W Heat Demand Relay


    Out of stock

    DISCONTINUED...please switch to MAX! Switched Power Outlet
    Use the Heat Demand Relay to automate the start / stop of the Heating Boiler and /or the re-circulation pump. Learn More
  8. FS20 AS1 External Relay

    FHT AS1 External Switching Relay


    Out of stock

    The AS1 is a 1-channel weatherproof, wireless switch that allows users to extend the range of their FHT network. Ideal for the cases where the FHT 8W Heat Demand Relay cannot be placed close to the boiler due to poor reception from the wall thermostats. Works as an extension of the Heat Demand Relay. Learn More
  9. FHT Room Kit without Networking



    Out of stock

    This saver pack includes a FHT 8R Wall Thermostat and a FHT 80b Valve Actuator - the combination needed to the customize a room's weekly heating schedule according to your personal preferences and habits. Connects to the FHT 8W but cannot connect to FHZ1000 Learn More
  10. FS20 Repeater

    FHT Repeater


    Out of stock

    The Repeater extends the FHT’s wireless range to greater distances, as well as connects with the FHZ1000 Central Control Unit to enable programmable power switching. Learn More

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