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Water Treatment

Fresh water is a vital resource for us, with a huge impact on our living. In completing its natural cycle, water evaporates, condensates as rain, then falls and infiltrates into the ground. Here it can acquire large amounts of calcium, magnesium or other minerals from dissolved soil and rock, thus forming the "hard water".

As shown on the map below, the South of the UK is particularly affected by the hard water which has the following negative effects:
1. Hard water reduces soap's ability to lather, whether in the shower, sink, dishwasher or washing machine, and reacts with soap to form a sticky scum. In some cases, people develop skin and hair conditions which are improved if water hardness is reduced.
2. Dissolved calcium and magnesium precipitate out of hard water as scale, which builds up on the insides of pipes, washing machines, water heaters, tea kettles, coffee makers, hot water tanks, etc. Scale reduces the flow through pipes and is a poor conductor of heat. Eventually, pipes can become completely clogged.
3. The scale also adhere to adjacent surfaces like taps, showers and shower cabin doors, etc. and is hard to remove; lots of chemical cleaning products are used to counteract the effect of hard water, leading to increased spending and non-ecological products use.

You can combat hard water in various ways:
* filtering it by distillation or reverse osmosis: filtration in-sink taps and refrigerator water dispensers improves water's taste, but the high price tag makes it impractical as a household solution ;
* adding a packaged chemical softener such as powdered borax or washing soda (sodium carbonate): useful for softening the water in small batches, such as washing machine loads, but has the drawback of rendering the water undrinkable, taking a toll on clothes, and, in some cases, containing phosphates that harm the environment;
* running it through a water softener: the least costly and most effective way to rid your water of troublesome minerals ;
* descaling: this solution offers an alternative to water softening. Whereas a water softener removes the problem (minerals in the water), a descaler addresses the damage caused by the problem (scale build-up).

Our solutions offers a true cost effective and ecological solution for your home.

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  1. WTRX Water Softener

    WTRX Water Softener

    Regular Price: £600.00

    Special Price £575.00

    Best Water Softener on the market, featuring ceramic valves and dimensioned for a 4 -6 people / 3 - 4 bedroom house; to be used in the hard water area of South-East England. Learn More
  2. Polyphosphate Water Filter

    Washing Machine Polyphosphate Filter

    Regular Price: £24.99

    Special Price £19.99

    Use this simple and efficient device to protect you washing machinbe from Ca and Mg harmfull deposits. Easy to install in less than 1 minute!!! Learn More

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